Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cheap, Fast Services Make Gretchen Happy

Just over a month ago, the zipper on my all-time favorite purse, which I bought just over a year ago in China, conveniently broke just as I was getting on the plane to Japan with no time to buy another one. I consequently bought the cheapest Japanese purse I could find that would hold my humongous camera. I kept my old purse with me, thinking I could maybe get the zipper repaired once I got to Jordan.

Turns out I can.

On Sunday, I wandered over to an alterations place on Garden Street, about a 30 minute walk from our flat. I walked in, asked if they spoke English ("Yes." What they meant, however, was "No." Fortunately after all my traveling, I am fluent in miming.)

I mimed the zipper breaking on my purse. They took the purse, gave me a slip of paper with a number on it and said come back tomorrow. One day? Score!

I didn't make it back until today. They handed me a fabulously fixed purse and gave me a price of 1 dinar for it. One dinar? Double score!

Who loves one dinar alterations? GRETCHEN loves one dinar alterations.

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