Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello, may I speak to someone less desperate?

I've met some very nice guys here in Jordan. I've also met some creepy, overly attentive guys. This one was the latter.

Two nights ago, at about 11:30 p.m. I might add, I get a wrong number on my phone. I answer, say, "wrong number," hang up. No problem. The guy calls back. Ok. That's cool. Just checking to make sure you dialed correctly. I can see that. I say, "still a wrong number." I hang up. We're good.

Only then he texts me. His exact text: "Sorry about noise but when i was spoke to you i feel i know you." Needless to say, I don't respond. We've cleared up whose phone it is; I no longer have a role in this rather one-sided conversation. He waits about five minutes. Then he writes: "Ok the same question in another way are u related with someone if u dont plz let me hear ur voice again i am a good one belive me and just try (-;"

Horrendous grammar and spelling mistakes aside... ummmm... what? Really? Did the sound of me sliding over the syllables in "wrong number" really do it for you? Did my voice, so husky it could pull a sled as my Uncle Jim would say, really send you into spasms of ecstasy?

I turn the volume of my phone off and go to sleep. I tell my new friend Lena about this the morning after. She said the exact same thing happened to her a couple of nights ago. Oh. So maybe it wasn't my sleddog voice after all. Maybe it was my rather squeaky voice speaking... wait for it... ENGLISH. Maybe what he heard wasn't "wrong number;" it was "green card."

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