Friday, October 23, 2009

A Quick, Little Note

Dear Taxi Cab Drivers of Amman,

This note does not apply to the majority of you, who are nice, honest, albeit sometimes creepy citizens. However, I've had a run of bad eggs lately that make me think a reprimand is in order. And because I do not have the linguistic skills to say this to you in person, a pointless complaint session on my blog will have to do.

We are American. This does not mean we are stupid. We have lived here for months. We know how much it costs to get to different parts of the city. Do not go a different direction that will cost more money. We will know. Do not speed up your meter. Again, we will know. Do not try to tell us that it is double after midnight. We know it is not.

Doing these things will result in us giving you less money than you seem to think you are entitled to. Do not yell insults at us through the car window; you were the one who tried to rip us off first.

That is all.




  1. Our taxi cab drivers' behavior has nothing to do with you being an American or a foreigner it applies to people from all races, religions, and nationalities, even to locals :) By the way, next time you feel that the meter's reading is not right tell the driver that you are going to call the police (write down his license plate) because most probably he might have changed the meter and in this case he will not shout or scream, hopefully.

  2. Good advice, Jaraad! I should try that next time.

    And yes, I know that the taxi cab drivers do behave like this to everyone. But it seems they think they can get away with it if they think we aren't from the city. Joke's on them! Now we know this city almost as well as a local... At least a local who hasn't been here more than a few months. :)